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Untethered Recovery

We will guide you, with the help of your faith and our
evidence-based interventions, to transcend your substance use and mental health disorders

Our Team


Adam Kimber

CEO and Executive Clinical Director

Licensed Therapist and Former Minister

Portia Family Pic_edited.jpg

Portia Cirome

Certified Recovery and Mental Health Nutrition Coach



1 hour | individual session

Daytime Intensive Outpatient

M-F | 9am-12pm

Nighttime Intensive Outpatient

M, W, Th | 5:30pm-8:30pm

What to expect

  • Individualized Holistic Healing Plan

  • Eclectic Therapeutic Modalities

  • Evidence-Based Interventions

  • Authentic, Experienced Clinical Team

  • Spiritually focused Treatment

  • Professional, yet Warm Environment

  • Engagement of Family and Community

  • Cost-effective Treatment

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"Mary Ann is a life changing therapist. She is honest and up-front. This has helped me to feel safe and comfortable in being honest with myself and others."


"My anxiety and sleep have went back to normal and the insanity that once was my life is no more.  I am actively going to meetings and
work with a sponsor. I know I did the work but you helped portrait what life could be like without substance abuse so once again. Thank you, Adam."

- Greg N.

"I can confidently say that Adam and Mary Ann were a huge part in helping me save my life. They not only gave me the tools and resources to pick myself back up after a mental health crisis; they continue to be a light in my life. I would not be here today without them."

- Hannah F.

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"You cannot solve a problem with the

mindset that created it."

– Albert Einstein

Contact Untethered

6870 W 52nd Ave. 
Arvada CO, 80002

720 953 8040

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