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Healing Mind, Body & Soul: A Nurturing Path to Recovery, Wellness & Empowerment

Transcend your substance use, manage mental health disorders, and live a purpose-driven life with the help of our holistic services and supportive team.

Live a Meaningful Life With Holistic Treatment Services

Addictions, substance abuse and mental health disorders can be extremely challenging. From withdrawal symptoms to social triggers, there are many obstacles that get in the way of lasting recovery and rehabilitation.


At Untethered Recovery, our goal is to help you finally start living a life filled with meaning, joy and wellness. Using evidence-based interventions, nutrition guidance and spiritual practices, you’ll receive powerful building blocks to achieve a sober, healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Our Team Understands What You Face

The staff at Untethered Recovery have been in your shoes and know the hardships you’ve experienced. Our therapists and team are all in recovery, and we’ve made it our mission to provide therapy and support to others struggling with substance abuse.


Due to our diverse experiences, training and education, we understand how critical it is to have an encouraging community behind you who leaves judgment at the door. No matter your story, you’re welcome here.

What to Expect From Our Treatment Services

Exploring substance abuse treatment can be scary and overwhelming, but our team is here to guide you toward a successful recovery. Seeing you as a unique individual, we’ll determine which combination of therapies and services will best empower your journey toward wholeness.

Our broad variety of services include:

  • Individualized Holistic Healing Plans

  • Inpatient, Outpatient and Virtual IOP Options

  • Evidence-Based Interventions

  • Nutrition Guidance

  • Accountability Methodologies & Toxicology Screenings

  • Life Assistance and Case Management

  • Spiritually-Focused Treatment

  • Family and Community Engagement

  • Sliding Scale Payment Options


Questions about treatment, affordability and more? Find answers in our FAQ.

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"Having Adam as a therapist has been a game changer for me.  I probably wouldn't be sober today if it weren't for him.  From the very beginning I saw that we had a lot in common and had very similar life experiences.  His play book on how he was able to navigate some of those rough waters of his life were invaluable to my recovery as I was able to see that you can overcome addiction and mental health issues."

-Alex D. 

"My anxiety and sleep have went back to normal and the insanity that once was my life is no more.  I am actively going to meetings and
work with a sponsor. I know I did the work but you helped portrait what life could be like without substance abuse so once again. Thank you, Adam."

- Greg N.

"I can confidently say that Adam was a huge part in helping me save my life. He not only gave me the tools and resources to pick myself back up after a mental health crisis; he continues to be a light in my life. I would not be here today without him."

- Hannah F.

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"You cannot solve a problem with the

mindset that created it."

– Albert Einstein

Achieve Lasting Recovery in a Welcoming, Supportive Environment 

If you’re ready to explore treatment options and have a compassionate team in your corner, we’re here for you. Start the process by getting in touch with us today.

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