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Natalie Frizzell

Natalie is a certified recovery coach and received her CCAR certification in 2022. Natalie works with those looking to meet recovery goals, life goals, different approaches to recovery, and accountability. In addiction we tend to neglect all these areas in our life. She strives to help others regain balance and structure by taking overwhelming tasks and making them manageable, all while supporting someone’s personal recovery. 


Natalie is also the owner of two sober living homes. This has taught her how to spot warning signs of relapse before they happen, to communicate the needs and feelings that are harder to identify in early recovery, and support people where they are at in their lives.

Natalie is passionate about seeing others thrive in their own recovery. The ability to witness people shifting from blame to accountability, from anger to acceptance, and from stress to living in today, brings her joy beyond words. It is not an easy process but a meaningful one.

Natalie’s own journey brought her to sobriety at the age of 22. She worked a meaningful program and stayed spiritually connected. She later went on to have three daughters which caused her recovery to take the back burner. She became spiritually disconnected and after 17 years she picked up using again. After two years of fighting with her demons she found recovery again and a whole new purpose in life. That purpose has been helping others reach a life worth living.

With her own journey, Natalie is intuitive when working with others and can sense what is going on below the surface. She is resourceful and looks outside of the box for the best solutions. Compassion with boundaries is a balance she strives for in all her interactions.

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